An interest in the interiors of the Homesteader’s houses of North America has led also to an exploration into the disappeared interiors of houses in our own history.

‘The Way You Were’, ‘Kitchenette’ and ‘Disappearing World’ are a reflection on functional interiors from the 50’s through to the 70’s, patterns and textures associated with grandmothers and aunts. The over-ornamentation and miss-match of patterns and textures within broken tiles, carpets, lino, wallpapers and rugs provide opportunity to juxtapose complementary colours and textures in a controlled, almost kitsch fashion, evoking memories of bottle-green draylon, heavy ochre velvet, tassles, textured wallpaper and tough, worn, broken linoleum squares, yellowed with age. Also disappearing words such as ‘anaglypta’, ‘antimacassar’ and ‘kitchenette’ help understand the origins of these images.  

Interior and exterior dilapidation provide a framework on which to build a personal narrative, where the suggestion is that sometimes, in the theatre of leaving, what is left (both physical and spiritual) becomes more interesting than those leaving it..

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©2011 Allyson Austin